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Welcome to Reading LETS

What is LETS?

LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheme. It's a scheme that allows local people to exchange goods and services with one another without using money. It's possible there are about 300 LETS systems in the UK according to LETSlink though as they're all separate grass-roots organisations it's hard to tell, and some still use paper directories and have little on line presence.

This site explains the scheme that operates in Reading.

Our currency is called Readies: As a rough guide, 10 Readies is equivalent to one hour's work.
Everyone's time is equally appreciated.

For more information, see our About LETS page

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    Join Reading LETS for light refreshments
    on Saturday 10th December 11:30am - 4pm Note not 3rd Sat as usual
    in RISC Global Cafe London Street. Note Temporary Change Of Venue
    Learn what LETS is all about from current members in your community.
    Trading between LETS members.

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Reading LETS is a not-for-profit community group