About LETS

The scheme is run by and for its members. Reading LETS' online trading system provides a regularly updated
directory of members' offers of skills, goods and services, as well as their requests.

 * Members trade by mutual agreement. Seller and Purchaser agree a rate in Readies, together with any cash payment needed to to cover materials.
 * The Seller then logs onto their online account and records the trade when it's complete.  This way you are free to trade
with any Reading LETS member, not just the person you've just traded with.

Who benefits from it?
 * Employed people wishing to develop their talents through local trading.
 * People on low incomes needing access to goods and services that they could otherwise not afford.
 * People who are unemployed wanting opportunities to use and develop their skills.
 * Local organisations
 * In fact, everyone!

Who can join?
   LETS membership is open to anyone living locally - all kinds of skills, goods and services are welcome.
   We cover Reading and the surrounding area, and encourage local exchange in particular, as well as connecting with members in nearby LETS groups.

Do I have to earn before I spend?
   No, you do not have to earn Readies before you can spend.

How does it differ from the money system?
   One fundamental difference in a LETS scheme is that no interest is charged for going into 'debit'; no stigma is attached to it.

Making friends
   LETS is an excellent way of meeting people, making new friends and sharing interests.  Our regular social events
are an opportunity to get to know other members, see what they have to offer and discover unexpected skills to trade.

   If you would like to join Reading LETS, click here 






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