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LETS Trading Evening 11th November 2016
For a while we've been trying to promote more trading; after all that's what the 'T' in LETS is for. Some produce and goods change hands at the monthly Meet & Greet sessions, like the items opposite.

The dedicated Trading Evening on 11th November allowed more space for things to be displayed, and also we had a short performance from local folk band Ryewolf who played for free as one of their members is in LETS.

There were intervals when members were able to announce offers and wants for services as well.



 LETS Stall At Reading Town Meal 1st October 2016
There was another good version of Anne-Marie's stall with the trading examples. Below - the stall was visited by Reading's Mayor. As usual for RTM we had a lot of interest and some new members joined.
Some of the weather on the day was fairly horrible. Doing an outdoor event at the start of October is always going to be risky; in spite of a bad forecast there was some sun in the middle. It was raining when we set up and then a massive downpour at the end finishing up with the rainbow below.



LETS Stall at Reading Green Festival June 2016
  This year the Reading WaterFest included a Green section in front of St Laurence's Church. It was the first outing for Anne-Marie's new stall featuring miniature examples of many types of trading




LETS Spring Walk along the Kennet April 2016
On 14th April some LETS members and Boxer Dog did a walk from Burghfield along the side of the Kennet
  We started off on one side of the Kennet.
Then changed over to the other side.
  This is Boxer, this picture is from later at the Boathouse
  We kept a good distance from a herd of cows.
At the end Helen had prepared lunch with home made soup and bread at the Boathouse.



LETS Social and AGM February 2016
On 5th February we held the AGM and afterwards had a good social event which could be taken as last year's Christmas do that didn't fit in the squash at the end of 2015.



Trading Space At Great Expectations January 2016
At the new Meet & Greet venue Great Expectations in London Street we have our own room and there's plenty of space to display items for trading. The session runs from 11:30am to 4pm. If you need help with CES access or another problem it's better to turn up early. Later it's often busy and the social side takes over.


LETS Visit To Taplow Court 5th July 2015

On Sunday 5th July several members visited Taplow Court near Maidenhead.

It's an old stately home, originally of the Earls and Countesses of Orkney. After WW2 it was used for telecommunications research and has been the UK headquarters of the SGI Buddhists since 1988. It's only open to the general public on four days a year.

The grounds were very beautiful and there was an informative tour of the house. Everyone met together for tea before going home.



LETS Stall At Waterfest 13th June 2015  On the left is a visit by the Mayor Sarah Hacker, below a few members also turned up.


LETS Stall At East Reading Festival 14th June 2015
  This was a busy weekend with Waterfest and East Reading Festival falling on adjacent days but we still managed to do stalls at both.



Anne-Marie's Weekday Social 6th May 2015

On Wednesday 6th May Anne-Marie tried out the idea of holding a Social meeting on a weekday. The Saturday ones might be better for some people who are working but also it's when others want to go shopping.

There was a different turnout to the usual one and it was a better opportunity for trading items with more room for display.



Ornella's Garden Work Party 1st May 2015

 Garden before - needing a bit of tidying
 The LETS work party in action



Repotting some recoverable plants

 After - old wood and rocks removed, new border
  Some of the Core Group inspecting the progress.


LETS 2015 Spring Walk at Prospect Park 23rd April

In the afternoon of 23rd April, Diane organised a walk in Prospect Park. We walked around the outside of the park finishing up at the Duck Pond. However, maybe due to the warm weather there were no ducks to be seen.
The walk turned out to be more of a leisurely stroll with a certain amount of waiting for stragglers but it was such a nice sunny day with no wind that we didn't mind at all. The spring blossom we found more than made up for the lack of ducks.


  LETS 2014 Christmas Party
 Members enjoying the LETS Christmas Party in a member's home. A good opportunity for members new and old to get to know each other

 October 2014 Social at The Shed

Attendance at the new longer Meet & Greet at the Shed Cafe was very good with some new members turning up in the morning. The all day session worked so well we'll be doing it again next month.
Apart from the opportunity to browse the various items on sale for Readies, it's a handy venue for other trading to connect. Here's a completed sewing job being handed over.

 LETS Stall at Reading Harvest Day 2014
On Saturday 4th October we had a stall at Reading Harvest Day. Unfortunately the previously sunny weather chose that moment to break and there was heavy rain and wind during the whole afternoon.
Other stalls included some good produce displayed by Food 4  Families and a demonstration of apple scratting and pressing by Transition Reading.

 Picnic at Caversham Festival 12th July 2014
 Caversham Festival is a locally organised event with local band stages and lots of stalls plus all sorts of theatrical and arts performances.
 LETS Stall at Reading WaterFest 14th June 2014
After a couple of early showers the weather improved in the afternoon. It was nice to see a few members dropping in and one new person joined.

Boxer's Walk Along The Thames Wednesday 21st May 2014

Boxer the dog led a walk along the Thames to Sonning Lock Café on Wednesday, 21st May.
We left from the carpark of the Wokingham Waterside Centre on Thames Valley Park Drive
and finished with excellent home-made cakes at the Café


 Trading at March 2014 Social
This month things  were a bit quieter, maybe because the sun had come out for the second session of Summer in March

 Trading Tables at January 2014 Social
At the new Social venue upstairs at the Shed, there's room to set up trading tables. There were plenty of good quality January clearout items on offer. The people at the Shed had reserved room for two tables but there's actually space for quite a lot more once the idea catches on.
The room also features a nice sofa for a social area as well.

Visit to Withymead - Apr 2012

Although not entirely dry nor warm, the visit to the nature reserve was a true success: thank you to Helen and Jeremy for organising it.

Dorothy and Keith were generous in explanations and information about rare flowers, extremely rare snails and non-local trees, as well as in offering good tea and cakes.

They have a lot of work for willing volunteers, and a lot to offer too, for example soil food (rotten grass cuttings), or lots and lots and lots of nettles, that would be good for your compost, as well as delicious to eat, versatile in the kitchen and healthy for the body. Their competence, paired with their enthusiasm for the protection of the biodiversity and the management of this precious reserve, was evident.

We look forward to checking the progress on all their many projects!